Ep. 86 Malouf is Fighting for Change

by MARK KINSLEY on 12/24/2018

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Mark Kinsley stopped by Malouf's headquarters to catch up with Jake Neely about the Malouf Foundation's fight to end human trafficking. It's a heavy topic the company is tackling head-on. They're asking the industry to help and getting significant support.

In this episode, they also talk about the early days of Malouf, before the upstart sleep accessories company started making waves in the mattress industry.

Links from this episode:

Malouf Foundation: MaloufFoundation.org 
Malouf: MaloufSleep.com 

Elana Stone: https://twitter.com/Elana_Stone & https://twitter.com/bedmartnw

Trent Ranburger: https://twitter.com/Trentbeddingco

Lil Trent https://twitter.com/TbcLil


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