Ep. 14: 8-Hours Message is Wrong, Experiential Retail, Doug Stewart's Story

by MARK KINSLEY on 01/12/2015

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0:19 The sleep industry needs to give up the 8-hours message. 

6:27 Experiential retail that swings the door. Avoiding underwear mishaps. Ideas for a better shopping experience. 

7:50 Rock climbing gym as a mattress store? Inspired spaces for the mattress business. 

9:09 Discount Mattress Outlet in Columbia, Missouri teaches dance lessons on their mattress floor. 

11:31 Doug Stewart's story about the guy with grass stained jeans. http://dougsblog.me/

14:28 The Virgin Mattress Comic book is coming soon. Written by Luis Pagan, and illustrated by Ken Southwicke. 

15:36 Ante4Autism Poker Tournament - join us at 7 p.m. in Las Vegas January 18, 2015. 

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