Ep. 9: Apple Watch, Walking Down Memory Lane with Mark Quinn

by MARK QUINN & MARK KINSLEY on 09/18/2014

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Show Notes

Mark Quinn's final Dos Marcos podcast.


1:30       Apple watch

5:05       Biometrics

8:27       Pete Bils, the original Sleep Geek

10:15     Word association - where Mark isn't going

12:39     Leggett & Platt is a caring company

18:28     Spring Alive story

21:28     Starry Night Bed

31:36     Mattress Mattress -all their RSAs have graduated from Geek University

34:16     The Virgin Mattress

41:31     Blogs

42:00     10th Podcast?

42:17     Uno Marco or Dos Marcos

42:30     General talk about industry - stories

43:20     Hybrids

50:43     Saying Goodbye

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