Ep. 4: Big Foot Attacks in San Francisco, Innovation vs. Time-Tested

by MARK QUINN & MARK KINSLEY on 07/16/2014

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Show Notes


Big Foot Attacks in San Francisco

1.02        Robin Azevedo with McRoskey Mattress Company

3.18        Also visited Barrie Brown with Hästens, San Jose and Mike Magnuson with Goodbed.com


The Hästens Brand

4.98        Barrie Brown, former CEO of Mattress Giant operates a high-end sleep shop called Sleep.

4.45        Product pricing and average tickets


Horse Tail as a Mattress Component

5.36        Horse tail benefits in mattress construction

7.30        Drill down to product, sit on Hästens vs sit on box spring


Building Value in the Box Spring

7.45        Put value in box spring

8.16        Adjustable beds

8.50        Drastic difference between Hästens on a platform versus a working box spring

9.10        Come to market with a foundation/more compelling story to gain significant advantage


King Koil Lines

10.15     Donnie Osmond, Duck Dynasty lines; Dave Roberts of King Koil

11.33     Partnering with familiar brands can be fun for consumers


McRoskey Mattress Company

12.25     The rich history of McRoskey's at Market Street

14.08     Video of trip to San Francisco on Sleep Geek

14.20     Why does Robin sprinkle sawdust on the floor upstairs at McRoskey?

15.58     McRoskey is the exception to innovation

16.47     McRoskey’s brand means something special to people


Formulas for Innovation

19.36     Scott Smalling’s article for Sleep Geek on innovation

20.35     Tesla - how they do it, opened patents to the world

21.30     Q’s Views blog on technology driving people into the market

22.40     Innovation – Tesla


Adjustable Bases as the Future of Innovation

23.28     Larry Shinkle’s article on adjustable beds

24.05     Story of older couple buying a bed


Leggett & Platt Acquires Sealy’s U.S. Innerspring Manufacturing

28.45     Leggett & Platt is adding value for shareholders; Sealy to focus on brand building and product innovation

Furniture Today article: http://www.furnituretoday.com/article/489487-leggett-platt-take-over-tempur-sealys-us-innerspring-production

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