Ep. 3: Are Mattress Industry Predictions Coming True for 2014?

by MARK QUINN & MARK KINSLEY on 07/08/2014

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Halfway through 2014, how many of this year's predictions are coming true? Dos Marcos break it down. Plus junior podcaster Nick Quinn shares great advice on how kids can get a better night’s sleep. Episode three of the Sleep Geek podcast starts now! 

Show Notes:


Jawbone Changes Lives

0:15       What impact has Jawbone had on Dos Marcos?

4:25       The big question: Does Jawbone and Fitbit change behavior?


Case Study: Active Lifestyle vs. Non-Active Lifestyle

5:22       Case study related to sleep, health, fitness

5:46       That which gets measured gets managed

6:18       Q’s Views: Shorten the Cycle, Stop the Madness   


Sleep and The Biometric Space

6:41       Using biometric space to get people into the market faster

7:27       The number one most visited piece of content on Sleep Geek is

              Tech Review: Sleep Cycle App

8:24       Kingsdown, Select Comfort and Sleep Number are utilizing biometric measurement and

      quantifiable measure in the sleep space

8:58       Kevin Damewood on the Sleep Smart Bed


Sleep Science and Technology

9:40       Sleep Number uses technology from BAM Labs in Silicon Valley to measure sleep

      (Rich and Steve – great guys!)  

10:03     Earthing.com – Sheets that give your body the same current the earth gives to you

10:30     Sleep science is a young science

11:36     The world was flat at one point until we proved that it wasn’t


Nicky Quinn on Sleep

12:17     Who is Nicky Quinn?

13:42     Sleep from a young man’s perspective 

14:17     Nicky’s sleep advice to kids

15:56     Dr. Bruce and the Caffeine Half-Life


Industry Numbers Are In

17:04     Industry predictions of 2014

17:13     Dave Perry of Furniture Today captures predictions of people in the mattress industry  

17:30     ISPA predicted 2014 at a 2% growth in units and 2.5% in dollars

18:06     Budd Bugatch, Director of Furnishings Research and Analyst at Raymond James

      & Assoc. Inc. and Seena Magowitz Supporter, comments in newsletter about May


19:31     Tempur-Pedic’s perspective

19:40     Stearns and Foster and Optimum’s perspective

20:14     Consumer confidence is at a high

20:56     Dave Perry reports innersprings outpacing specialty for this year

21:20     Hybrids and specialty mattresses drawing growth

21:40     Diane Adams, Chief Marketing Officer at FXI, on Gel and Foam mattresses

21:59     Denny Boyd makes a statement in Furniture Today on Hybrids


Hybrids: The New Category

22:18     Hybrid terminology

22:53     RSA’s test out term “Hybrid”

23:45     Innersprings in Hastens Beds

24:45     Kurt Ling’s predictions

26:36     Share with us your experiences in the comment section below or Tweet us at

      @JoplinQuinn and @MarkKinsley

26:51     Furniture Today noted that 100% of specialty sleep stores carry memory foam and

      specialty sleep beds


Where is the Industry Growing and Where is it Shrinking?

27:42     The Big 3 S's – Serta, Simmons and Sealy

28:31     Analysis of market growth

28:45     Bob Sherman and Gary Fazio’s aggressive marketing strategies drive results

31:00     Purchase Equals Purpose

32:10     Quality of life is a big deal


We Want to Help RSA’s

32:38     RSA's are important

33:04     Drive by Daniel Pink  

33:30     1 to 10 Scale concept

36:25     How do we do things better?


Gel Technology

36:33     SomniGel™ and Buckling Column Gel

37:08     Cody Messner, Product Development Manager for Leggett & Platt, develops Gel story

38:00     The industry needs to innovates

38:48     SomniGel™ product video

39:12     Neil Zimmer honored at the ADL event by in New York

39:52     Kevin O’Connor’s service in the industry


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