Ep. 2: Serta Simmons' Warranty Change, iComfort Ads, and Sleep Science

by MARK QUINN & MARK KINSLEY on 06/15/2014

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Back for Episode 2, Mark Quinn and Mark Kinsley finally share their backgrounds (thanks to a listener's request), dissect Serta Simmons’ move to five and 10 year warranties, analyze the new iComfort television spots, give updates on the latest sleep science, and preview some upcoming travels that include visiting Robin Azevedo, Barrie Brown, and Mike Magnuson.

Show Notes:


About Mark Quinn and Mark Kinsley

0:16        Comment from Sweet Dreams about the first podcast 

2:58        Mark Quinn and Mark Kinsley finally tell you who they are


Serta Simmons Changing Warranties

7:53        Serta Simmons moving to a five and 10 year warranty structure

9:28        Serta’s new iComfort television ads featuring alpacas, table tennis trainers, and test labs

9:48        Sleep Geek This/THAT poll (visit the homepage)

11:48     Expectation on comfort life of a mattress and shortening the purchase cycle 

12:30     Eric Buchfink from Mattress Mattress in Canada and his perspective on warranties



Obama Workout video and the latest sleep science

15:15     Obama video and the three legs of the health stool 

18:11     Dr. Rubin Naiman author of Hush: A Book of Bedtime Contemplations

21:15     Sleep is like flushing the toilet on your brain 

23:29     Sleep study where mice do the log roll and scientist look into their brains.  

28:14     How is Mark Quinn sleeping? What about Kinsley?


Serta’s new iComfort television ads (see below)

32:58     Serta’s iComfort TV spots

36:30     Andrew Gross’ comments on Serta commercials

37:32     Simple Life™ folding foundation is this episode’s podcast sponsor

39:38     Naming the podcast. Dr. Shari Peck with Mattress FIRM in Florida sent ideas.


Tips for RSAs on putting the buyer in control

42:11     Tips for RSAs: How to disarm people, put them in control of buying process



Upcoming travels to San Francisco and United Kingdom

47:38     Heading to San Francisco with Dave Perry

47:59     Paying a visit to Barrie Brown’s high end sleep shops

49:45     Also, going to visit Mike Magnuson with GoodBed.com 

50:06     Visiting Robin Azevedo with McRoskey Mattress Company to tour and see their unique approach to crafting and selling mattresses 

50:55     Heading to the National Bedding Federation show (NBF) in Telford, UK with Chris France and Adam Ashborn. Meeting up with Jessica Alexander from NBF.


iComfort Television Ads



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