Shut Out Doubt


Doubt will always find a way to creep into your life. Here are some tips on how to shut it out. First thing to consider is courage keeps doubt on its heels. Don’t be afraid of failure and rejection. Embrace them, and learn from when things don’t always go the way you wanted. You can also destroy doubt by eliminating laziness. Most people are lazy, but laziness is a very deceiving experience. Laziness is not a measure of how hard you work; instead, it’s a byproduct of comfort. When you doubt yourself, you get so comfortable with the pain you currently have or the fear you already know that you'd rather live with what you know than venture into what you don't. One last thing to know is decisiveness forces doubt out. By making changes and standing firm in those decisions, you become an activist for your own life. Read more about taking control and shut out doubt for good.

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