Dos Marcos: Going to a Tony Robbins Event When the World Falls Apart


Four casinos closed in 90 days. All located in the same county. Gambling was the backbone of the local economy. Almost overnight that engine sputtered to a violent halt. Michael Grossman is the President of Kensington Furniture in Northfield, New Jersey. What did he do when the casinos closed, jobs evaporated, and the circumstances for a local furniture store looked dire? He did what anyone would do: signed up for a Tony Robbins Business Mastery Event.

Sitting in the audience waiting on Tony to appear, he wondered if the event was worth all the money he’d spent. Questioning his decision, Michael saw a group of people filing into the room. He was shocked at the person who sat down in front of him. The sight of that man changed his whole perspective. When the economy started swirling down the toilet, Michael decided to invest in himself. Invest in his mindset. The results have been double-digit increases in-store traffic and sales growth. Hear Michael’s incredible story and learn what you can do to prosper in 2020. Check out the Dos Marcos podcast to learn more.

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