Worst. Sales Promotion. Ever.


27 years ago, the UK branch of the vacuum manufacturer, Hoover, offered two free international flights with any £100 purchase. Today, that sales promotion is often remembered as the worst in history. Hoover made the process of obtaining the flights as annoying as possible with the following: a) A customer buys a Hoover product for £100+ and mails in a receipt and application within 14 days of purchase; b) Hoover sends a registration form and the customer has 14 days to send it back; c) Hoover sends a travel voucher and the customer has 30 days to select three departure airport, date, and destination combinations; d) Hoover has the right to reject the customer’s choices, but the customer can select three alternatives; e) Hoover also has the right to reject these alternatives and select three combinations of its own choosing. If they don’t work, the customer is out of luck. In the end, the branch saw millions of dollars in losses and plenty of customer displeasure. To learn more, read here.

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