The Next Installment of Sleepy Savvy’s Secret Shopper


For Sleep Savvy’s recent issue, they sent a couple living in a Gulf Coast retirement community out mattress shopping. The husband and wife sleep on a decade-old pillow-top set for most of the year. In the summers, they head north to the Great Lakes, where they have a memory foam mattress. They say it’s newer than their innerspring model but is dipping in the middle and weakening along the edges. Both master bedroom mattresses are due for replacement. But they acknowledge that, without Sleep Savvy’s prompting, they would have waited longer to start shopping. They were equipped with a detailed checklist to assess factors ranging from store appearance to the rest-testing process and were asked to visit three mattress retailers in their area – a large regional sleep chain, a factory direct, and a locally owned sleep shop. Click here to learn more about this couple's experience with Sleep Savvy! 

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