Is Sleeping in Bursts Safe?


A good portion of America doesn’t get enough sleep, but a new, surprising trend is spreading to combat that. A small group of people are actively trying to do so by spending less time in bed, not more; polyphasic sleepers. Part productivity hack, part science experiment, polyphasic sleep is an odd sleeping habit that includes taking multiple 20-minute naps on top of a longer “core” sleep anywhere from 90 minutes to six hours. So should you become a polyphasic sleeper? According to doctors, the answer is a resounding no. “There is very little data – none whatsoever in the medical literature – of carefully designed clinical studies demonstrating that polyphasic sleep has any advantage in human sleep medicine,” says Dr. Alon Avidan of the University of California Los Angeles Sleep Disorders Center. “If individuals who sleep in a fragmented fashion end up sleeping less overall, that has health consequences.” Read more here.

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