Sleep Habits of USWNT’s Alex Morgan


Professional athletes have many keys to their success, and soccer superstar Alex Morgan credits her sleep habits as one. “I abuse my body every day for my job on the pitch,” Morgan told Entrepreneur, “so it is vital to me to feel rested and recovered when I wake up.” In order to get the best sleep possible, she follows a strict routine that includes meditation in the morning. Morgan says doing guided or unguided meditation sets her day up with positive and optimistic feelings. Another tip of hers is knowing how to put her brain on the bench. It’s essential to unwind before bed, and she does so by reading or finishing a crossword puzzle. “I do feel like I'm going a million miles per hour during the day – I'm training, I'm trying to see my family as much as possible, I have interviews – so for me, it's important to give myself 30 minutes to an hour to just rest my brain.” Read more here.

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