Sleep Well Tonight by Doing This Today


As soon as you wake up in the morning, your body begins preparing to go to sleep. That may seem odd, but it’s the truth. Doing certain tasks throughout the day can help your body out in a big way when it finally is time to call it a night.

One thing to do is start the day with natural light. Exposing yourself to sunlight helps stop melatonin from continuing to produce. It’s also best to cut out the caffeine by late morning. If you have a cup of coffee at noon, a quarter of that caffeine is still circulating in your brain at midnight.

Exercise during the day can assist with sleep as well. In fact, it increases the quantity and quality of your sleep if it's not in the last two hours before bed.

One other thing to do is remove smartphones and TVs from the bedroom. Those devices are stimulating, derailing your brain’s time to unwind and relax so you can sleep.


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