Marketing on Facebook


The key to marketing your business on Facebook is good creative. The first thing you have to do to succeed on the social media site is get to know the Facebook advertising platform. Before creating your ad, familiarize yourself with Facebook and its network of different apps such as Instagram and Messenger.

Understanding the demographics of the app users and how they use each one will help you create ads that resonate. After getting familiar, choose the ad format that’s right for you. There are currently four formats to choose from: single image, single video, carousel, and collection.

Single-image ads are the oldest ad formats available on Facebook, and are valuable when used at the right time. Single-video ads can demonstrate a product’s value and highlight multiple reasons to buy it. Carousel ads contain multiple images, videos, or both, and serve as a useful “in-between” ad format. Lastly, collection ads have the ability to pair a product catalogue with an engaging video.


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