Weeklong Plan to Improve Your Sleep


Day 1: start good habits. If we have meetings or appointments, we put it on our schedule so sleep should be the same. Plan your nighttime routine around when you should go to bed every night.

Day 2: create a sanctuary. Make your bedroom feel like a place to sleep, and only sleep.

Day 3: quiet your mind. Clearing your mind before bed can slow brain waves. Do this by meditating and counting the breath, because within 10 minutes of doing this your brain starts to wind down.

Day 4: reduce stress levels. There is a link between stress and sleep. The more stressed we are, the more difficult it is for us to sleep well.

Day 5: stop the interruptions. Ways to make sure you fall asleep and stay asleep include avoiding heavy meals close to bedtime and alcohol after dinner, and keeping children and pets out of your bedroom.

Day 6: enjoy sleep. Dreams are a great part of sleep, so write them down when you wake to gain some insight into what’s happening in your inner world.

Day 7: reap the rewards. The benefits of a good night’s sleep are evident in the way we feel, so start enjoying those benefits. 


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