Military-Tested Trick to Fall Asleep Anywhere, Anytime


Often times during active duty there are explosions going off and bullets flying through the air. With all that happening, how are military members supposed to fall asleep? The trick involves both physical and metal relaxation.

First, for physical relaxation, you sit up straight, close your eyes, and let your head droop so your chin rests on your chest. Next, practice slow, regular breathing. Relax the muscles in your face (un-furrow your brow, loosen your tongue and lips, let your jaw slacken).

Continue this pattern down your body. Relax your shoulders and arms, and keep your breathing slow and regular. Once entirely relaxed, focus only on breathing. Next is mental relaxation. The key is imagining yourself in an incredibly relaxing situation. Do this by picturing yourself in places such as the bottom of a warm canoe looking up at a blue sky or in a cozy hammock made of black velvet. If that doesn’t work, lie back and repeat the following phrase in your mind: "Don't think, don't think, don't think."

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