Contradictory Ways to Increase Mattress Sales


The following tips to increase mattress sales may seem contradictory, but hear us out. The first: to win more sales, stop selling. When customers feel like they’re being sold, or when you’re really pouring on the sales pitch, they react negatively.

Focus more on helping them find what they need instead of trying to sell them something they don’t. Another tip is to make decisions easier, offer fewer options. This may limit how much you sell at a time, but can increase the frequency of sales. When you increase the difficulty of the decision (i.e. you offer too many options), you decrease the likelihood of a sale.

To help your customers make a decision and move forward, give them fewer decisions to make. One other tip is to earn bigger sales, start smaller. When you pursue big sales, decisions become more complex, making it tougher to get a thumbs up from the customer. It’s better to start small and prove your capabilities. It’ll be easy to grow from there.


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