Selling a Mattress in Four Steps


Step one: start a conversation. This may seem obvious, but it’s important. Establish a relationship between yourself and the customer. If you make them feel comfortable, you’re that much closer to selling a mattress. Step two: assess the shopper’s situation.

Having the money talk may be uncomfortable at times and ruin your dreams of selling the latest, greatest, most expensive mattress in the store, but it’s still key to selling a mattress. This is where you figure out what budget they are working with. Step three: figure out what the customer needs. Whether it’s comfort, style, or size, figure out what they are looking for and the options that best suit those needs. Step four: close the deal.

You’ve done all the legwork needed to make a sale, now all that’s left is to actually do it. Answer any final questions the customer may have and close it out.


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