The True Purpose of Sleep


There’s always talk about how sleep is so great for you, but what is the real purpose of it? The easy answer is to refresh you. A lot happens while you sleep, but the main thing is it helps the body conserve energy for those times when we will need it the most.

Research has shown that energy metabolism declines during sleep, and that is why we don’t need as many calories when we are sleeping as we do when we are active. Also, many important restorative body functions occur while we are sleeping, such as tissue repair, growth hormone release, and muscle growth. Lastly, sleep helps the brain function. When you’re awake, the brain produces adenosine – a factor that makes us feel tired.

Caffeine can temporarily block adenosine effects to artificially keep us alert, but it continues to build up. The only way to clear out adenosine is to sleep.

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