Selling a Mattress in Four Steps


Selling a mattress is no small task. There is quite a bit riding on the sale for not only you, but the customer as well.

The first step in selling a mattress is to start a conversation. You can’t sell someone a mattress if you don’t get to know them a bit first. The second step is to assess the shopper’s situation. This is when the RSA learns where the customer stands when it comes to a budget. Sure, you’d love for them to say money is no object. However, determining the top dollar a customer wants to spend from the beginning can eliminate several options and save time.

The next step is discovering the shopper’s needs. Firm, medium plush, pillow top, etc. Whatever their preference is, figure it out and sell it to them. The fourth and final step is to close. You’ve learned everything needed to make a sale, so go get the job done.


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