Make Rest-Tests Better for Customers


Rest-tests are great for customers because they get to find out firsthand how comfortable a mattress is by laying on the in-store model. This is something not available to those wanting to buy online. At brick-and-mortar stores, the rest-test is crucial.

One thing you can do to make this test better is to begin every rest-test at the pillow display if you carry a full line of pillows. This helps create a more comfortable sleep system for customers. Next, encourage shoppers to remove their shoes and settle on the mattress with their pillow.

If customers are testing on an adjustable base, give them control by explaining how the base works and turning the remote over to them. After you do that, give them time to determine how they feel about the mattress and try not to stand or loom over them. Finally, listen carefully to what they say and choose the mattress you offer that’s best for them.

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