Arianna Huffington on the Importance of Individuality and Sleep


Cynthia Johnson, guest writer for, sat down with Arianna Huffington at the World Government Summit in Dubai to discuss individuality, the importance of sleep, and her personal reasons for focusing on wellness. Huffington is the co-founder of The Huffington Post and is currently devoting her time to her new health and wellness startup, Thrive Global. 

She gave a riveting interview and brought up a number of great points. In regards to individuality, she said one of the world’s problems is being addicted to social media and constantly comparing ourselves to others. She also said she places great importance on her sleep. Huffington treats herself like she treats her business, and some things are non-negotiable, such as sleep. She says that "being burnt out is not necessarily a prize of success" and that "we must recognize that to make better decisions we need to take care of ourselves, be healthier and avoid illness." 

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