Doctors Want You to Know these Secrets for Better Sleep


The first secret is you may not need eight hours of sleep. The latest research shows the right amount of sleep is what leaves you energized the next day

The next secret involves sleeping naked because it lets your skin breathe and cools your body.

Another is to own your sleep quirk, whether it’s listening to music, sleeping with a stuffed animal, etc.

Nightcaps don’t work is another secret, so ditch the alcohol before bed.

The next secret is a decongestant or antihistamine can help quiet snoring.

Another secret states that it’s possible for you to go to bed too early because you wake up too early. 

Writing to stop worrying, go to therapy instead of using sleeping pills, and avoiding caffeine are other secrets. The final three involve never sleeping on your stomach, learning about different sleep disorders, and how sleep can change someone’s life.



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