Do Refurbished Mattresses Pass the Fire Safety Test?

by Unknown Author -

Refurbished mattresses may offer some benefits such as lower prices, but they also come with issues such as bacteria and bedbugs.

Another potential issue is whether or not these mattresses pass the Fire Safety Test. The I-Team from ABC Action News decided to put a refurbished mattress to the test to get an answer once and for all. The I-Team bought a refurbished mattress and shipped it to the Element Materials testing lab in St. Paul, MN, to see if it meets federal flammability standards. This particular mattress passed the Fire Safety Test, but a separate mattress, one that conveniently did not have a tag, did not. The moral of the story: if the refurbished mattress you are considering does not have a tag or any indication that it meets federal flammability standards, do not buy it.

See video below. 


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