Experience a Silent Night with these Bose Sleepbuds


As a giant in the speaker and headphone industry, Bose is now taking the path of a little indie startup with its new product. The company has started an Indiegogo campaign for their Sleepbuds, earbuds worn at night during sleep to help with quieting noise. Whether it’s snoring, sounds from outside, or footsteps from the people in the apartment above, Sleepbuds work by identifying unwanted sounds and playing an opposing sound such as ocean waves, a waterfall, stream, rain, wind, or spa music. These earbuds work through a Bose sleep app, and users can be woken up by them once an alarm is set in the app. Bose went the Indiegogo route for this new product in hopes of receiving real-user feedback. If its campaign is successful, a general release of the product could occur in 2018.

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