Uncovering the Myth: Owning A Mattress Store Makes You A Mattress Expert

Posted by Jeff Scheuer on

Nope. It only means that vendors have extended you a line of credit and you have the privilege of paying them for their products and hopefully making a living in the process.

You have a responsibility to learn about the componentry used within mattresses, sleep ergonomics, restoration and anatomy, among other things, and then be able to effectively apply that information in fulfilling the needs of your customers. Only then will you be on your way to being a comfort consultant. Read some of the articles on Sleep-Geek, such as my 12 Tips for Becoming a Better Sleep Consultant, or even take a look at some of my Beducation videos (they work just as well for RSAs as they do for consumers), or even do some reading from leading sleep ergonomic researchers, such as Bart Haex.

I know that it is a lot easier to sell mattresses regurgitating slogans from mattress companies and sales representatives, but learning about sleep and restoration will do more of a service to your customers and has more staying power in the long run. If what you’re telling your customers can be replaced by a pull-string talking doll loaded with mattress salesperson clichés, you’re not helping your customers or yourself.



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