Always Have a Deadline

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An offer without a deadline is not an offer.

Good, effective marketing is made up of several fundamental components. We’ve already seen a few and throughout the rest of this book, I will share several more.

Always having a deadline in your marketing offers is one of those fundamentals you must always keep in mind. In today’s crazy-busy world, everybody is too distracted to notice your marketing and you must do what you can to get them to take action now! Deadlines help accomplish this, which is why you always want to have a deadline when you make an offer. Here are a few deadline ideas to consider.

  • Always have a specific deadline date and let people know what happens after this date.
  • Have a deadline for parts of your offer and/or specified bonuses and/or discounts.
  • Create “act now pricing,” where discounts are offered and prices go up on a certain dates. This is common in event marketing.
  • Offer bonuses for the “first x-number of buyers.
  • Create real, limited quantities.
  • Create "fear of loss by delay" in your offer, such as: "Every day you wait to buy a new mattress, your sore back will remind you.

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