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You know how in real estate, everyone says the three most important things you need are location, location, and location?

Well I say in business, the three most important things are follow-up, follow-up, and more follow-up!


Very few sales are ever made with just one contact. For example, an average business owner will run an ad and when somebody responds to that ad, if they don’t buy immediately, they stop marketing to that person. They let a potential customer, who they just spent a whole bunch of money advertising to, walk out the door!

Remember, few sales are made on the first try. It typically takes 3-7 contacts to convert a prospect into a paying customer, and the higher the dollar transaction, the more contacts are required.

So after spending money to market to prospects to get their attention, make sure you have a method and a system to capture their information for follow-up marketing, and don’t forget the after-sales follow-up! You can differentiate your business by simply sending a thank-you note or some other form of follow-up after the sale.

There are many different systems or ways you can follow up with a prospect to turn them into a customer. These follow up systems can be comprised of one or all of the following:

  • Email marketing – should be behavior-based, with timely send dates, and relevant to the product interests of the prospect.
  • Direct mail – can be postcards, personal letters, thank-you notes, and should also be relevant to the product interests of the prospect.
  • Outbound phone calls – can be a mix of both live phone calls and voice broadcast reminders. I'd recommend voice broadcast reminders early in the follow-up cycle and then a transition to live calls made by the staff member who had contact with the prospect.

Whatever follow-up methods you choose to implement, they should be not only systematized, but also automated. Automation is the only thing that ensures all of these systems are executed 100% of the time.


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