Ask For Referrals!

Posted by Jeff Giagnocavo on

“Do what you do so well – and so uniquely – that people cannot resist telling others about you.

– Walt Disney

I just showed you why collecting testimonials is so important in your marketing efforts. Equally important is asking for referrals from happy and satisfied customers.

Studies have shown one of the “easiest” types of sales to make is the referral sale, whereby a prospect comes to you based on a reference from an existing customer.

I don’t know about you, but I like easy sales.

The strategies for getting referrals are much like the testimonial strategies I outlined. The biggest thing is just getting started and consistently asking for them.

Second, you need a system to ask for and reward referrals.

Create a “referral culture” in your business and let your customers know you appreciate (and expect) referrals. Create a rewards program and award prizes. Always recognize customers who do refer in your newsletters, emails, in pictures, etc. Done right, a referral system is a sales machine for your business.


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