Clearly Define Your Ideal Target Market!

Posted by Jeff Giagnocavo on

Having a crystal-clear picture of your ideal target market is critically important when developing marketing campaigns and promotions that get results.

Let me clarify this with a more practical example. I like to fish and throughout the year, I like to go fishing for many different types of fish in many different environments. Freshwater rivers, the salt water ocean, trout, tuna, etc.

Each type of fish and environment requires me to use a specific type of fishing rod and bait. A small rod and worm will not work when trying to attract a 200-pound tuna. Since I know what I am going after, I know what to use.

Good, effective marketing is no different. I need to know who I’m trying to attract before I can start, so I can use the right offer (the bait) and the right media (the rod) to find them and land them as a customer.

Invest the time to analyze your best customers and the people you like doing business with. Create a profile of this person (income level, education, where they live, what they do, etc.) and develop marketing campaigns and strategies to find more of them.

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