7 FREE Ways To Have Happier Employees

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If you ask most salespeople what would make them happier at work, what do you think the #1 answer would be?

If you said money, Ding! Ding! Ding! How else do you think salespeople got the reputation of being coin operated?

Even though money is important, it’s not the only important thing to your team members.

Don’t get me wrong; you must pay your people fairly if you expect to have a happy sales team. But the way you pay shouldn’t be just in dollars. Another form of currency our employees will gladly accept is appreciation.

Even if paying more money sounds like a logical plan, giving raises simply to make employees happier isn’t a sustainable strategy. If you plan to be in business next year, you may want to consider the more cost effective way to increase your employees’ happiness.

Here are seven ways you can show your appreciation, for free: 

  1. Tell one of their peers about something they do well (behind their back). Trust me, it will get back to them.
  2. Catch them doing something right and point it out.
  3. Brag on them in front of their customer. Nothing boosts the confidence of a salesperson (and a customer) than a leader who validates the ability of their people.
  4. Write a (handwritten) letter of appreciation to your employee and their significant other. It’s one thing to tell your significant other that you’re appreciated at work. It’s a whole other thing to get tangible proof in the mail.
  5. Tell them you appreciate their hard work and let them come in late every once in a while.
  6. Tell them about a strength you see in them. Be specific and tell them about something you saw them do, or heard them say, as evidence of their strength.
  7. Write them a LinkedIn review and point out how valuable they are to your success. You may be thinking,

What if they get recruited and leave? Well, what if they feel unappreciated and stay?

None of these tips are hard, but they are difficult to do consistently. When we as leaders show appreciation to those around us, we get happier employees who create happier customers who create healthy, thriving businesses.

How willing are you to pay your employees more appreciation?

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