5 Ways to Maximize Cooperation from Your Sales Team

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News flash to all managers: Your employees don't care about your title. They don't care if you think you deserve it. They don't even care how much you sold when you were in their position. All they care about is how much you care about them.

Your employees want to work for a person, not a position

Their level of trust in you as a leader will determine the amount of compliance or cooperation you will get from them. Compliance is your employees doing what you say, but only when you're watching. Cooperation is your employees doing the right thing when no one is watching. The difference between the two is morale, profitability, and likely your job. 

The truth is, your team will only treat their customers as well as you treat them.

You can't expect your sales-team to treat your customers like treasure if you treat them like trash. 

Need less compliance and more cooperation? Here are five ways to gain more cooperation from your sales team:

1.) Be vulnerable: Admit you don't have it all figured out. Admit you need their help to accomplish your goals. Your employees want to work for a person not a position. Let them see you, the person.

2.) Serve: No one wants to cooperate with a dictator. When their failure becomes your failure, they will come to you when they need help. That means, you won't have to feel like you're babysitting anymore. When you work hard for your team, they reciprocate.

3.) Work really hard: Nothing ticks employees off more than a lazy manager. Don't be afraid to get your hands dirty. Seek opportunities to help with jobs that may be "below your position." When you show that you're willing to go above and beyond, your people will follow suit. Lead by example.

4.) Be the manager youd want for your child: If you have kids, imagine the ideal manager you would want your precious child to have one day. (If you don't have kids, think of a child in your life that you care about). Would that manager be quick tempered or patient? Would they be a servant leader or a dictator? Would they publicly humiliate their employees? Be the manager that you would want your child to have.

5.) Celebrate mistakes: There are two types of mistakes: competitive mistakes and complacent mistakes. The former are a result of being human and trying to drive business and the latter is a result of someone who needs to be coached. Embrace people who make competitive mistakes. Grace freely given creates an atmosphere of learning and sharing. When your team is sharing constructive information and not weighed down by the thought of potential punishment, all you have to do is support them and make room on your desk for that manager of the year award.

Great news: You get to decide if your team will be your greatest asset or your greatest liability. Give your team the gift of working for a person more than they work for a position.


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