Are You Guilty of Mattress Malpractice?

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A few months ago, I came down with a stomach bug. Naturally, I went to Urgent Care for some professional help. 

After the normal song and dance, I finally got to see the doctor. I knew it was the doctor because she was dressed like a doctor. But more importantly, she carried herself like a doctor. 

She asked me a few questions about my symptoms. Then, a few questions about allergies and aversions to medications. Next, she made a recommendation specifically for me based on our conversation. She told me I didn't have to fill the prescription if I didn't want to. She even told me about a few over the counter options disclaiming that they wouldn't be nearly as effective as her prescription. 

So what does that have to do with mattresses? If the average mattress salesperson would only treat their customers like my doctor treated me we would undoubtedly have happier, healthier, and more loyal customers. 

Could you imagine if my doctor would have come in the room handed me the prescription pad and said, "It's really up to you sir, buy whatever you'd like." I could have ended up with a prescription that would do more harm than good. Would you consider her reckless? Do you think she'd be guilty of malpractice? Of course. 

She would have her license stripped and probably serve jail time. All the while, we do the same thing as sales people when we allow our customers to come into our stores and make decisions on mattress and without the metaphorical prescription from us, the professional. 

I believe our customers deserve better. I believe every customer should get a professional recommendation from a bedding professional.  

You may be thinking, "Yeah, but there's a difference between a doctor and a bedding salesperson." They are more similar than most people may think. The role of the bedding salesperson is grossly under appreciated in my opinion. If our customers sleep well, they will have a better chance of health and will likely see the doctor much less. Additionally, there is no denying the fact that sleep impacts a person’s quality of life. Sleep Better = Live Better. 

If you are a bedding RSA, consider the true impact you have on your customers lives. You may not have taken the hippocratic oath but you do have a hippocratic level of responsibility to enrich the lives of your customers.

Give every customer a professional experience and help give them a prescription for the best possible sleep system. 

Don't be guilty of mattress malpractice.  



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