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In November 2014 Shayne Sinor tweeted something remarkable to Sleep Geek. After graduating from Geek University, Shayne had been applying the concepts he learned and said, “It really taught me to be a sleep consultant rather than just a salesman.” That was a great endorsement, but nothing like the bombshell he dropped next. “It literally doubled my pay,” tweeted Sinor.

What? Double?

That’s a huge increase in sales (and income). We had to track down Shayne and find our more about his journey in the mattress industry.

Name: Shayne Sinor

Store name: Factory Mattress Sales – Bandera Pointe

Hometown: San Antonio, Texas

Age: 26

Years in mattress sales: 2 years

Where did you go to college? Texas A&M University

Favorite hobby or pastime: Golfing and working out are my favorite hobbies.

You mentioned how talking to the person who hired you changed your life. Tell us about that conversation? What was said? How did it change your life? 

I had just received an offer letter from Citibank to be a financial advisor for local businesses in San Antonio and Austin, Texas. I was set to start a week after I was offered the position. I received a phone call from a gentleman named Jorge Fernandez. He said he would love to meet up and talk about the mattress industry. I had never put any thought into selling mattresses. I debated for two days whether I should go see what he had to say. On the morning we were supposed to meet, I had already made up my mind that I was just going to proceed with the job at Citi. So, I was doing some shopping and Mr. Fernandez called again and said he is really looking forward to seeing me later on. I thought to myself, "You know what? I am going to go see what this is all about."

To make a long story short, Mr. Fernandez explained the sales process and the unlimited possibilities there are at Factory Mattress. What stood out the most was the opportunity to help people better their lives. I feel so rewarded helping people and seeing the smiles on their faces when they come back in after experiencing a good bed and great night’s sleep.  

Why did you attend Sleep Geek University? 

The main reason I attended Sleep Geek University was to better my knowledge and performance in the bedding industry. I was doing well; I really just wanted to learn everything I could so I would be able to better our store, help explain things, and give the consumers a great experience and a better night’s sleep.

What section of Geek U stands out as something you’ve found most useful in the real world? 

The section that stood out the most in Geek U was learning how to be a Sleep Consultant and not just a regular salesman. When you adopt being a Sleep Consultant, and strive to be a lifelong learner in the bedding industry, customers can tell that you are passionate about your line of work. It taught me to not just sell a bed, but sell better sleep.

In a Tweet, you said you’ve doubled your sales after graduating? Why is that? What changed?

After completing Geek U, I felt excited, confident, and ready to be the best Sleep Consultant I could be. Instead of just selling a mattress, Geek U focused on selling a complete sleep system. So naturally, selling add-ons significantly increases revenue, and that helped a lot, too. Also, it helped me explain the features and benefits more thoroughly, therefore increasing my average ticket.

After going through Geek U, what advice would you give to other RSAs? 

The best advice I can give my fellow RSAs is that they should just make it a lifelong learning experience. That is the best advice I know. The second you think you know it all, you fall into the bottom performers.

What’s your most memorable sales story? 

My most memorable sales story would have to be about a gentleman named Larry. He had recently lost his wife and was in severe back pain due to his sciatic nerve. The pain would radiate only on one side of his body. He came in and I had to help him in and out of each bed. We finally landed on a bed that he was comfortable with, and one that I was sure would help alleviate the pain and pressure from that nerve. About three weeks later, Larry walked into my store like a 20-year-old kid. He could not thank me enough. He wanted to treat me to dinner and just thank me for changing his life. This is what makes me love my job. I will continue to do this for a long time coming.

Thanks again, Sleep Geek. I could not have done this without the extensive information on Geek U.

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