Top 5 Sleep Geek Moments of 2014

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Before you start setting resolutions for the New Year, journey back in time as we countdown your top five favorites from Sleep Geek in 2014!


5.)  5 Ways MATTRESS FIRM Ignites Its Team

In this article, Mark Quinn points out five ways retailer Mattress Firm inspires their team. How do you plan to motivate your team in 2015? Be sure to see this article for ideas on how to re-energize the workplace!


4.)  Garryn’s Mattress Shopping Fiasco - Part 1: The Car…Um, I Mean Mattress Salesman

A first hand account of the mattress shopping experience from contributor Garryn Crowder as she sheds light on the customer’s perspective. Looking for behaviors to stop in 2015? This article may be a good refresher.


3.)  War(ranty) – What is it good for?

Warranties are a hot topic in the mattress industry. Check out this article by Contributor Jeff Scheuer as he weighs in on the issue and makes suggestions about what needs to change.


2.)  Ep. 1: Fireworks from Furniture Today's Bedding Conference

2014 was a big year for Sleep Geek – we launched our podcast! In the very first episode we recapped the 2014 Furniture Today Bedding Conference and laid the groundwork for future podcasts.


1.)  The Napping Pod Pioneers

This year’s most popular article, written by Mark Kinsley, covered MetroNaps and another hot topic in the mattress industry – fatigue in the workplace. With clients like Google and positive reviews from Forbes, MetroNaps is working to make siestas an every day part of life at the office. 


Thank you for traveling down memory lane with us! Do you have favorite Sleep Geek moment that’s not on the list? Share it with us on our Facebook page!  

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