No One Leaves Without Something

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Remember me, the World’s Biggest Copycat?

Today, I’m going to talk about “why no one should ever leave your stores without something.”

It was a golden rule at Sear’s in the early 1900s.

No one leaves without something!

What do you think it was? 

It was a Sear’s catalogue. Take one home and there’d be a good chance you’d be ordering something.

In most mattress and furniture stores these days, all you get when you leave is, “And remember, if you find the same item anywhere else for less, come back and see me! We’ll beat anyone’s price by 5%!”

Not that that’s bad – we use it as well. A degree of customers will take you up on your price guarantee. But it’s a flawed closing remark. The customer is leaving your store. They’re going to shop one, two, maybe even three or more stores before making a buying decision. How are they going to remember which store was willing to beat the price by 5%? Your guess is as good as mine. At the very least, no one should ever leave your store without your business card, and if you have a price guarantee and that’s all they’re leaving with, it should be written somewhere on your card.   

Have any of you heard of Joe Girard? If not, Google his name. Joe is considered “The World’s Greatest Salesman.” During his career, it’s estimated that Joe gave out 16,000 business cards a MONTH. Compare that to the average sales associate who gives out 500 a year. 

Worse yet, how many of you bother at all? “Oh, that guy was just looking…no sense in wasting a business card on him!”

Let’s take this a step further. Have you seen some of the business cards these days? Handwritten names; cheap paper. Good cards cost money, but not that much: 1000 high-gloss, double-sided, high-quality cards cost $32.33 at  

At Mattress Mattress®, we go one step further – every customer that leaves one of our stores also leaves with a handout that contains information about us and our price guarantee, as well as a “Warranty Information and Validation Tips” guide. But, more on that next month! Be sure to sign up for the Sleep Geek e-newsletter and watch for my article about “Warranty Information and Validation Tips.” It will cut your warranty calls in half.

Enjoy the day! You decide! 


The World’s Biggest Copycat

Eric Buchfink


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