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I’m proud to be a copycat. In fact, a great deal of our business is built around things we’ve copied. You’ve all heard about pioneers – most of them died in the desert with arrows in their back. A lot of people have changed the world we live in by copying ideas from others. Let’s look at just two.

Henry Ford

Henry Ford did not invent the automobile. He wasn’t the pioneer – he just made it better. By copying ideas from watch, clock, gun, sewing machine, and meat processing companies, he developed a moving assembly line for automobiles.

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs didn’t invent MP3 players or the cell phone. He wasn’t the pioneer. He bought the rights to the disc drive that was capable of storing 1000 songs from Toshiba, and used it to create the iPod (Walkman). The same holds true for the iPhone. He took a device that was merely a wireless phone, and created one that could do hundreds of other things yet was so easy to use it didn’t even come with a user manual.

Both Henry and Steve knew that copying the best ideas they could find in the industry and putting them into play in their own companies (sometimes by simply adding them to their program, sometimes by improving on them) they’d come out ahead of their competitors – game changers versus pioneers.

Enough about being a copycat. I’m supposed to tell you all about “The World’s Best Greeting!”  

What do you think it is? 

“How are you today?” Baaddd…so bad! Think about it. The guy coming in to buy a new mattress just damaged the front of his car moments earlier. Or he hasn’t been feeling well. How’s he going to respond? This greeting is old and outdated. It has no place in retail today.

“Good morning!” or “Good afternoon!” This one opens the door for mistakes. It may already be the afternoon or evening.

“Wow! What a nice car!” It may be friendly, but it’s not appropriate. 

When it comes to greeting your customers, there’s really only one greeting that should be used today, and it revolves around one word…the word “Welcome.” Here’s how we use it:

“Welcome to Mattress Mattress®!”

You can add “Hi!” to the front, but nothing else is acceptable.   

Check it out for yourself. Walk into Subway or Wal-Mart these days. “Welcome to Subway!” “Welcome to Wal-Mart!” In fact, Wal-Mart has the word “Welcome” in front of a lot of their entrance doors. 

Or fly into Mexico, Spain, Italy, or Germany – or pretty much any country in the world – you’re most often greeted with “Welcome to Mexico!” “Welcome to Spain!” Why? ‘Cause it’s friendly and nice. The word “Welcome” is simply the nicest word you can use as part of your greeting…the nicest greeting word in the world. 

Our senior associates were worried when we first introduced it to replace “Hi! How are you today?” Once they started using it, they never looked back. Never before had they received “Why thank you!” as a reply from a customer. It wasn’t hard to figure out that “Welcome” was simply the greatest greeting ever. That was back in July 2007, and we’ve yet to find anything better.

Try it. What have you got to lose?

Enjoy the day! You decide! (You guessed it…I copied that from my right arm and VP, Lori Fecho).


The World’s Biggest Copycat

Eric Buchfink


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