6 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Bedroom

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Bunnies are multiplying and college basketball is about to wrap up, which means spring is here. And that means it’s time for some spring cleaning. As you scrub baseboards and dust light fixtures, don’t forget to give your bedroom some attention. 

Knowing the importance of a soothing sleep environment, we put together six tips that’ll take your sleep space from repulsive to remarkable, just in time for spring.

  1. Eliminate Optical Pollution

Take down pictures and fixtures you hate and put up something you enjoy looking at. If you don’t like the decorations, it impacts your mood and the tranquility of a bedroom. Does that gold ceiling fan look disgusting? Change it. Do your blinds bother you and the curtains make you cringe? Make the investment to update the visible elements that distract you from getting good sleep. 

  1. De-clutter

Spring is the perfect time to get rid of stuff. Don’t move it to storage. Trash it, donate it, or give it away. If you just move it to another room, there’s an open loop in your mind. You’ll have to deal with each item at some point in the future and your brain knows that. The loop remains open. It haunts you. That’s why it’s important to deal with each and every item in your bedroom. Keep your crap from taking up real estate in your brain by de-cluttering.   

  1. Clean Your Mattress

If you’re not in the market for a new mattress, clean the one you’ve got. If you’re a DIY type, sprinkle baking soda to soak up moisture and vacuum the mattress. Use a mild detergent to remove stains. Here’s a video that explains more:


For those who’d like to hire a pro, consider a company like Clean Sleep Mattress Cleaners located in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Their team will come to your home and insert your bed into their mobile mattress cleaning vehicle they call the Clean Sleep Machine. They use a five-step process to thoroughly clean and sanitize. “We start with ultraviolet light for surface disinfection and removal of dust mites,” said Cedrich Montgomery, Vice President. “After that we apply 350-degree super-heated steam, then use a high-power vacuum plenum that’s about 10 times as strong as a household vacuum.” The Clean Sleep Machine then adds infrared heat and ozone to eliminate any remaining entities. The entire process takes about 15 minutes and according to Montgomery addresses nearly every cleanliness issue people face with their sleep surface. He added that regular cleanings may prolong the life of the mattress by inhibiting the buildup of allergens and biological loads on mattresses. “We recommend cleaning your mattress once a year, but for people with heightened allergy issues – or those who sleep with pets – twice a year is best,” said Montgomery.

Here’s a news story featuring Clean Sleep Mattress Service:


  1. Get a Mattress Protector

The average mattress doubles in weight over a 10-year period. Gross, huh? Skin, dirt, dust mites, and other matter shimmy into the sleep set. A good mattress protector defends against dust mites and pet allergens and inhibits the spread of mold, mildew, and bacteria. It’ll keep your mattress more sanitary year-round. We like the Clean Shield by Leggett & Platt because it uses Crypton Super Fabric, which the EPA recognizes as the only non-porous surface on the planet that can be disinfected. Since it’s a really cool product, we thought you wouldn’t mind the quasi-shameless plug.


  1. Be Among the 29%

According to the National Sleep Foundation, 71% of those polled say they have a bedroom television. Get rid of it. Spring cleaning isn’t just about the physical world, it’s also a good time to clean up the distractions and rethink your routine. Light and noise are bad for sleep and televisions produce both (plus programs can hook you and keep you up later). Light affects the amount of melatonin your body produces; melatonin is a hormone that controls your sleep and wake cycles and if your body doesn’t produce enough, your quality of sleep will suffer. Join the 29% and move the tube. 

  1. “Air” of Sophistication

After all that dusting and de-cluttering, if you really want to clean up your bedroom this spring, invest in fresh air. Products like The Bedroom Machine by Austin will filter air, eliminating allergens, irritants, mold, mildew, smoke, odors, and more. 

There you have it – six tips to get your bedroom in better shape this spring. If you get started now you should be able to finish up and get back to watching basketball...or try to keep count of all the new bunnies.

Do you have any other spring cleaning recommendations to add to the list? Tell us in the comments section, or head to Facebook.

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