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Why do some mattresses feel so wonderful while others are YUK?

Why do some mattresses start out feeling wonderful and soon become YUK?

Let’s take a look!


FIRST: Seek out a reputable bedding retailer; you may have to look beyond those that constantly advertise cheap, cheaper, cheapest mattress in town.  Would you consider engaging the services of a heart surgeon simply because he is willing to do the bypass operation at a 60% discount?  Yes, sleep is that important! 

A “well fitting” mattress, as with a custom made dress or suit, feels right from the start and here is why.

1. Support – What exactly do we mean when we say “support” in a mattress?  When we sleep, our muscles need to relax.  It’s a crucial part of the total sleep rejuvenation experience.  If the surface is too soft, when the muscles relax, they tend to droop beyond the point the brain perceives as safe.  As a result, the muscles will not totally relax causing various aches and pains upon awakening. Too firm a sleep surface will cause blood vessels to pinch, restricting the flow of blood to vital parts of our bodies – pain happens.  Here is an example: Side sleepers, do you ever feel your arm or leg tingle while sleeping and that sensation wakes you up?  It’s a direct result of this pinching. Back sleepers, many of you have suffered a similar experience in your lower back. Either result is not only painful, but starts your day off on a grumpy and cantankerous footing.

2.  Comfort – For some, it’s a mental attitude. Support is physical and comfort is psychological. Lots of ingredients go into the comfort equation. The look and feel of the mattress – is it soft to the touch? Is it just spongy enough to suit your exact needs?  Will the various comfort layers (a.k.a. foam and fiber layers) keep you cool and dry as you sleep?  Would any glues, adhesives, or binding agents used in the construction of some mattresses cause an allergic reaction? A knowledgeable sleep expert is aware of the good, the bad, and the ugly that’s available and will guide you to the right mattress, providing choices that make sense to you and your pocketbook.

3. Durability – When we find that magical sleep surface, that tool that will help rejuvenate, recharge, revitalize our mind and body night after enchanted night, we want that mattress to last.  Sadly, too many shoppers focus on the wrong priorities. Too many check the newspaper mattress ads looking for the cheap, cheaper, cheapest mattress. We quickly forget that we spend over one third of our lives sleeping. When we reach the age of 60, we have spent over 20 years sleeping. Very few other investments we make during our lifetime play a more significant role in benefiting and enhancing our health and well being both physically and mentally. Can we function without sleep? Not for long and the immediate results are ugly - really ugly.

Last week a client opened the discussion and I quote, “My wife and I are here only six months of the year. We don’t want to spend much for a mattress. What do you have for around $650 - $700 for a king”?  I am not making this up. The six months he spends in Ohio he plans on sleeping well. The other six months he spends here enjoying the sun, playing gulf, cruising on his boat, and enjoying the great Florida lifestyle, he’ll be grumpy, grouchy, and cranky.

People, let’s look at the real numbers; a premium mattress will last about 10 years and set you back about $3,000.  Do the math – that’s about 80 cents per night.  I know you have paid several hundred per night for a premium hotel room. If the mattress underwhelmed you, it quickly made its way to the top of your complaint list-didn’t it.  Shouldn’t you expect peak performance and support in your  master bedroom?

A poorly constructed mattress, regardless of cost, can deteriorate prematurely. The wrong mattress can bring lots of pain and discomfort. Dealing with a reputable retailer with a well-educated and trained staff is your key to a fabulous night’s sleep. The right mattress will feel dreamy the first night and for many years to come.


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