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Today is National Salesperson Day. That’s right, say it loud and say it proud. My hat is off to this group of people who serves as the engine of American business. Factories wouldn’t run, stores can’t stay open, trucks won’t roll, and Wall Street would close down if the role of the salesperson were eliminated.


Becoming a salesperson isn’t something that you do when you graduate from college just because you can’t do anything else. It is a discipline in the professional world, just like being an engineer or a doctor. The big difference is that your education happens in the real world setting instead of in college. Do you know of a school that offers a degree in sales? The great thing about the profession is if you do it right you can earn more than your buddies earning their living as a doctor; it has that kind of potential.


So if you are making your living as a salesperson, I want you to take it seriously. Just as that doctor will go back every year for continuing education, so should you. Stay fresh and work on your craft. Invest in your profession by reading books, attending seminars, and graduating from Sleep Geek University - if you want to be the best, it takes work like anything else. It’s important because you are the front line and face of your company. Many times the first and last impression your customer will ever have is in your hands and that is a big responsibility.


Thank you, Salesperson, who proudly displays the latest springs, foam, or ticking for the bedding brands out there. Thank you for carrying point-of-sale material for that new mattress line in the trunk of your car, making it impossible to ever transport golf clubs again. Thank you, most celebrated RSA, who is the front line for the mattress industry, working long hours in the store, tying mattresses to the top of Mrs. Jones’ Honda only to have them fly away on Main Street. You are at the core of what we do.


Just remember, orders don’t get placed at factories until you sell something. Take it seriously and it will reward you for a long time. It is a craft, a psychology that when done right can really serve consumers in a great way. You are the ultimate problem solver, so make your impact count. Thank you for all you do and enjoy this, your national holiday!


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