Garryn's Mattress Shopping Fiasco - Part 3: The Delivery...Finally

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Previously in Garryn’s Mattress Shopping Fiasco:

After Garryn’s run in with “The Car…Um I Mean Mattress Salesman”, she was able to find mattress solace and serenity from her Mattress Savior who paired her with her perfect mattress-match.  But does all go well when it’s time for her mattress-match come home? Will the serenity left by the Mattress Savior hold true through the delivery? See what happens next!


Part 3: The Delivery…Finally

This is the moment that we all wait for. The day when that big lovely purchase you made finally finds it way home. And my day had finally come…or at least I thought. After all the time I put in trying to find my perfect mattress match and being gamed by a car salesman-like-so-called manager of a random mattress store, there wasn’t anything that I looked forward to more than the delivery of my new comfy bed that was scheduled to arrive Saturday at noon. Apparently the weatherman didn’t feel quite the same because at 10:00 a.m. that Saturday morning the delivery team called me saying “Due to the inclement weather we will not be able to make your delivery.” That wasn’t necessarily the worst part; they wouldn’t be able to deliver it until the following Friday between 10:00 a.m. and noon. That was an entire week that I was forced to be without my mattress!

As the delivery date grew nearer, so did my anticipation. I wanted to be excited for its arrival but the feeling of “what’s going to happen next?” hung over my head as I was reminded of the previous weeks. Finally Friday arrived and as I anxiously waited for the delivery, my cell phone rang. All I could think was “WHAT NOW!?!” hoping that whatever was going to be said on the other end wouldn’t lead to disappointment and surprisingly, it didn’t. Instead a very pleasant voice from the Slumberland delivery team said “Hello! This is Matt calling on behalf of Slumberland and just wanted to let you know we have arrived with your delivery.” I swear that was the most beautiful sound that I had heard all week!

Then there was a knock on my door and I was greeted by a neatly dressed uniformed man with a big, welcoming smile. He let me know that he and his partner would assist me today and, if it was okay, they’d like to come in so I could show them where I wanted my mattress set up. I thought it was very courteous of him to at least ask me if it was okay for him to come inside, and to let me know that his partner would accompany him.

After I showed them the space they instantly went to work. I noticed how they moved when they handled my merchandise as well as how they made a conscious effort to be considerate of my home. Unfortunately, I’ve had those experiences where that kind of consideration was not given and all that I was left with were scuffed walls, muddy footprints, and chipped paint. As they began to set everything up, I was in awe at how fast and efficient they moved. As they were wrapped up, Matt explained to me how to properly take care of my mattress and notified me about the return policy; if I wasn’t satisfied with my mattress within 125 days, I could come back and choose a different one for free. In my head I thought “that’s a pretty sweet deal!”

Just as he was about to explain the warranty, he paused. He said very politely, “I noticed that you didn’t purchase a mattress cover, may I ask why?” I told him at the time of purchase I didn’t quite think it was something I needed right away and could always get one later. He then told me of all the benefits of having a mattress cover and with the particular set I purchased how it was beneficial. Thoroughly impressed by his professionalism and his knowledge of the cover and my mattress, his argument seriously made me reconsider getting one. I told him I wished the sales people would have explained the benefits of a mattress protector when I made my decision because I would have purchased it then. He then told me that he had an extra one on his truck if I was interested and that they would put it on for me. I asked him what did I need to do to pay for it, did I have to drive all the way back to Slumberland just to add it to my ticket? He said, “Not at all. We are able to take care of it from here and the main office will mail you your new warranty.” So after I heard all of those options, did I make the purchase? OF COURSE I DID!

After they left I did the one thing I had waited two weeks to do. JUMP IN MY BED.  And oh did I jump. I jumped. I pounced. I rolled around and laid. Remember, I’d been sleeping on my couch for a week. During my utopia of lying in my bed, I reflected on this whole experience from my initial search to the final delivery. And I must say, Slumberland spoiled me. They have officially raised the bar for other purchases I make to furnish my home. Anyone who knows me understands I always appreciate good customer service and try to spread the experience. So I challenge those in the field to ask yourself, are you doing all you can for your customers? Are you as knowledgeable as you can be? At the end of the day, will your customer be “wowed” by you? We would love to hear your thoughts, share them with us on our Facebook page

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