Garryn’s Mattress Shopping Fiasco - Part 1: The Car…Um, I Mean Mattress Salesman

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Part 1: The Car…Um, I Mean Mattress Salesman

Recently I moved into a new apartment. In making the transition I thought to myself “new place, new things, and new beginnings.”  So I decided to buy a new bed to go with my new beginning. I went to multiple mattress stores looking for the right bed at the right price. So one night after work, I noticed a mattress store I had never seen before in my new neighborhood, and decided to stop in to see if my mattress-match was waiting for me inside. I walked in and the sales associate greeted me. I told him I was looking for a queen size bed, plush to soft. Just from looking around the room, I instantly recognized some of the mattress brands, along with others I had never heard of. He suggested a bed for me to try out called Catherine; I laid on it, rolled around a bit, and found a comfort spot to see how it felt. As I laid I asked him a couple of questions about the mattress, and one in particular had to do with coil count. I asked if he knew what the coil count was for this mattress. Fully expecting him to wow me with the number of coils and just the basic knowledge he had of it, it came as quite a surprise when he uttered the words, “Coil count really doesn’t matter.”

Now the version of me before exposure to the mattress industry would have taken his word and thought nothing more of it. However, the me today that has had the pleasure of being exposed to the industry was quite shocked at his response. He went on to say, “I’m not really sure why people put emphasis on coil count; whether a mattress has 250 coils or 800 coils it doesn’t have anything to with whether it’s a good bed or not.” I then told him that actually it does - it makes a big difference in the areas of support and quality in the long run. After I made that statement, I found it interesting that all of a sudden he changed his demeanor after realizing that I do possess a bit of mattress knowledge. He then said his top selling mattress only had 400 coils and out sold those that had higher counts.  He said this in a way as to prove to me that the coil count didn’t matter.

After that, I hopped up and headed to a brand of mattress that I was familiar with. It was a Restonic. I lay down on the mattress trying to find my comfort spot.  As I tried to make up my mind about which mattress I liked more, price is something that will always make my decision a little easier. I was leaning more toward the Restonic, until I saw that the price was $749. Just like a car salesman hones in on a feeling of wanting, the sales associate did the same. Since I did walk into this mattress store as they were about to close, I told him I would come back another time when they weren’t closing. The associate then made it known that he was actually the manager and that if I promised to come back within the week he would take the Restonic from $749 to $549. I was extremely surprised that he was so willing to make that deal, especially since it was a $200 difference. At first I was thinking to myself “Heck yeah! I’ll take it!”, but the more I thought about it, the more I became wary of the situation - and the more he pushed for me to buy it. At that point I just asked for his card and told him I would consider it and left the store.

However, I had a lot of mixed emotions, a lot of questions like: Why did he offer me a $200 drop in price? Why was he so eager to get rid of it? Was there something wrong with it? Is that the average pricing for a Queen Size Restonic bed? And did he jack up the price to make it seem like I was getting a deal when in reality I wasn’t?

As I was walked to my car, I couldn’t but help feel slightly overwhelmed by the whole experience and couldn’t figure out why. I eventually realized it was because I didn’t feel like I walked out of a mattress store like the others, it felt more like leaving the lot of slimy car salesman. Am I the only one who has had an experience like this? Do your customers mention anything similar? Share your feedback on our Facebook page.

To see what happened next on my mattress journey, stayed tuned next Monday for Part 2: The Mattress Savior

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