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Adding accessories to a sale is simple, yet many RSA’s miss the boat on this one.  During your presentation, mention the fact that you also offer accessories.  In a recent Sleep Geek article, Sean Bergman suggested referring to this product category as sleep essentials could help significantly increase sales. Plant seeds by asking your customers to rest their head on quality pillows during the mattress selection process, and then consider these suggestions to complete the sale.

After the mattress has been selected, and you have moved on to the computer terminal to write the order, plant another seed. 

Discuss the mattress warranty and mention that a quality mattress pad has several benefits to consider, the least of which is stain protection (a stained mattress voids the mattress warranty). A quality pad prevents dead cells (we shed them continually) from settling and accumulating in the mattress.  Some mattress pads, equipped with a layer of outlast, help regulate body temperature and keep the sleeper comfortable. A mattress pad is a prudent investment.

Enter the customer’s name, address, phone number and email address and mention pillows. 

Pillows take a beating – perspiration, weight (a human head weighs 10-11 pounds), and not to mention punches and sneezes when we are fighting a cold.  A new mattress calls for a fresh pillow and sheets as well.  Go for it.

You are about to press the enter key to finalize the sale, but wait. 

Can the customer use a heavy-duty frame? More quality mattresses are twisted out of shape by poor, cheap frames than you can shake a stick at.  A good solid frame is in order, completing the upcoming wonderful sleep experience.

Don’t be pushy.  Suggest these items and, if you get push back, you can always back off and at the very least, you offered to enhance the customer’s sleep experience.

Collecting the email address is very important. 

A good mattress will last several years, and when the customer needs to replace it again, she may have forgotten all about the great experience she had shopping your store.  Staying in touch by providing real, useful information your customer will benefit from that keeps your name in a favorable light.  The key here is information beneficial to your customer NOT TO YOU.  So don’t abuse it.

This simple yet effective strategy will add real dollars to your bottom line and will result in happier customers.

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