Forget-About-It: The Mattress Cleaning Gold Mine

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Forget-about-it. Yep, that’s what your customers have done – forgotten all about the great experience they had when they shopped for their mattress.

Often, people shop and select a mattress, arrange for delivery, and set up and forget all about it until they wake up with a bad backache.  This usually occurs about 9-12 years later and creates a big a problem for the retailer. So how does a merchant keep its name in front of the customer, reminding her of the great experience she enjoyed at the sleep shop?

One way is to offer a mattress cleaning and sanitizing service. It is a large and growing business in France, Italy, England, and many other European countries. The possibilities are all good.

A mattress cleaning and sanitizing business provides an expanded opportunity for you to stay in touch with your customer base, while delivering a much-needed service.  Allergists recommend a mattress be cleaned and sanitized every 6-8 months.  Hey, your face is right there inches from creepy, crawly, ugly dust mites.

When the time comes for a mattress replacement, your trained and alert sanitizing technician is there to handthe customer a discount coupon saying, “Mrs. Smith, I would gladly sanitize and clean your mattress today, but please be advised that your mattress – now 9 years old (he looked at the tag), should be replaced.” Your savvy technician points out to Mrs. Smith the sides are buckling and the coils are failing. 

Your technician then hands Mrs. Smith a discount coupon and invites her to stop at your store.

A mattress cleaning service is an affordable business to start, and it puts you in direct contact with your customer base. It also provides another income stream. Best of all, in the eyes of the consumer you really are the area’s top expert, providing sales and a needed service.

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