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If you have been selling mattresses for any period of time, you are well aware that people will either directly mention the act of sex or simply joke about it to their spouse under their breath. No matter how the conversation comes up on the sales floor, it is important for RSAs to be prepared to handle it.

My first suggestion is to listen to your manager. Your store could have a policy for sex-related conversations, or they might even cover it in training, but listen to them first. If you are not getting any direction here, consider my opinion as a guide to helping you navigate what could be dangerous waters!

  1. Listen for the sex reference because sometimes it might come as a subtle statement. If one person comments to their partner, let it go - unless you think they meant for you to overhear it. If it seems like they are easy going andjust having fun, acknowledge the statement with a smile and move directly to step two.
  2. Immediately start asking detailed questions about their sex life. I AM JUST KIDDING. Definitely don’t do that! Validate their interest. There is a lot to consider when it comes to intimacy and the mattress, so let them know that many people ask similar questions and you have a good way to help. Print off several copies of our SexySleep Guide, “How does a mattress impact intimacy?” When the opportunity presents itself simply hand over this document, walk away, and give them a few minutes to check it out. They will probably want to test the bed differently if they consider their sex life. I don’t mean they will start simulating specific acts, but they should follow the guide if they want to really understand how that bed is going to perform.
  3. Encourage them to visit where they can learn more about the different types of mattress constructions and how they perform for both sex and sleep.
  4. Be sure to let your customer know it is normal for people to want to know more about the mattress as it relates to intimacy and sex. There is a good chance they could be embarrassed to ask questions and you want to reassure them it is okay. If you don’t, they won’t ask and could buy the wrong mattress, hate how it performs, and go to the social media space to tell all of their friends about it.
  5. Avoid sharing personal stories! Nobody wants to hear about what you are doing at home so don’t share it. The more you can help without getting into a detailed conversation, the better.

The bottom line is that you want to help people in a way that does not create an uncomfortable situation. We developed the website and handout specifically to give YOU, the RSA, resources that allow you to help customers in a professional way. If you are not the one providing the answers they are looking for, they will probably go down the street and get help from someone else, so be a good consultant.  We are not in third grade here and should be able to address a valid topic of conversation with a potential buyer. Use these tools and avoid making any big mistakes around this very sensitive topic.

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