The 4 "S’s" of Sleep

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Even though you’re a sleep professional, it doesn’t hurt to have a simple way to share with your customers the benefits of sleep. Just think “S” words. No, not swords, Sean Connery - words that begin with the letter “S.” Here are the four “S” benefits of sleep.

Sexy (or healthy)

Getting adequate sleep helps your skin repair itself in a natural way, and can increase the production of collagen (yeah, the same stuff they use in plastic surgery to make your lips look full). Also, sleep keeps the bag lady from posting up shop underneath your eyes. All this restorative stuff leaves you looking sexier than ever. Also, sleeping the right amount helps keep your heart healthy - and there’s nothing sexier than a healthy heart. Your cardiovascular system is constantly under pressure and sleep helps to reduce the levels of stress and inflammation in your body. Sleep also helps keep blood pressure and cholesterol levels low.


A good night’s sleep can help lower elevated levels of stress hormones. It can also help keep you more patient and less agitated, thus less likely to stress out over things. Operating on a full night’s rest allows you to tackle the day’s stresses at an easier, calmer level (if you’ve ever seen any Nicolas Cage movies, you know that guy could benefit from a few nights of good sleep...but I digress).


While you sleep, your brain is at work organizing and correlating memories, thus helping to improve your retention and recall. Operating on a full night’s sleep also allows your brain to better process new experiences and knowledge, keeping you alert and able to retain information more easily.


While you’re sleeping, your body produces extra protein molecules. These molecules help strengthen your immune system, so your ability to fight infection and stay healthy increases. These molecules also help your immune system mend your body at a cellular level so you’re able to combat pollutants and bacteria exposure.

There you have it - the four "S’s" of Sleep. Sexy, Stress-Free, Sharp, and Strong. When you’re on the sales floor searching for that magical piece of information that will impress your customers, just think “S.”

So How Much Sleep Should You Be Getting?

Newborns (0-2 months old)

12-18 hours

Infants (3-11 months old)

14-15 Hours

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