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You knew we’d get here eventually. When you think of a mattress, you may think predominantly of sleep and intimacy. Both are very important aspects of life, and can be helped with a single piece of furniture.

Intimacy doesn’t always mean sex, specifically. It often refers to simply sharing a bed, which can be directly affected by the mattress’ size. Snoring and night movements (like kicking or rolling over) can impact a partner, so a larger mattress size can limit these disruptors, as well as increase comfort.

With sex, experts say that certain types of mattresses are better than others. For example, Sealy recently brought a sexuality expert to High Point Market to discuss intimacy. RSAs and sexuality experts agree that intimacy is a significant factor when purchasing a mattress, and may be discussed during the sales process. Because it is a personal issue, the discussion of intimacy needs to be approached with tact, but it’s important to have a plan for dealing with these types of personal questions to ensure the customer buys the right product.

Caleb Browning, from the Leggett & Platt IDEA Center, said that innerspring mattresses are the best for intimacy. He explained, “The main issue is that the innersprings kind of give back energy.” A survey by Sleep Like The Dead confirmed that innerspring mattresses were found to be the most preferred for intimate activity. Also, the SexySleep research project confirmed that shoppers prefer hybrid mattresses for both sleep and sex.

What experiences have you had in discussing this topic with mattress buyers? Share your comments below.

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