Integrity in the Mattress Industry

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“Integrity is doing the right thing, even if nobody is watching.”

- Anonymous

Buying a mattress is a large purchase for the average consumer, and should be given a significant amount of consideration and debate. Consumers generally enter the mattress store after considerable thought, and with the intention to purchase. The last thing a hopeful customer wants is an RSA who lacks knowledge and integrity, but sadly they may be let down.

In a recent survey, 51 percent of RSAs rated the integrity of our business at six or below on a scale of 1 to 10. Integrity has become a recurring topic in the mattress industry. Integrity issues, include pricing to product claims, can occur with anyone on the sales team, including RSAs and management.

While integrity is ultimately a personal character trait, RSAs and managers can exemplify this attribute by providing customers with genuine interest and concern. Present customers with clear and honest answers to their concerns. Providing helpful and constructive advice will assist in putting customers at ease. The ultimate integrity test is to ask yourself, “If I were the customer, would I like the way I was being treated?”

To truly demonstrate integrity, RSAs and managers must fully believe in their business and in the products they are selling.

What can be done to get the industry’s integrity rating to up to a 10?

Watch this video of Mark Quinn discussing integrity in the mattress industry and think about how this issue can be improved.

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