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When a disaster strikes, we all see the immediate need for help: people need food, homes may need to be rebuilt, and wreckage removed. We may forget, however, that after the initial rebuilding is over, there are still many unmet needs.

Enter WorldBed - a nonprofit organization that provides cot-sized, easily transportable, water-resistant foam beds to disaster survivors, so they may rest and recuperate.

WorldBed was founded in 2010 and has launched relief efforts both in the United States and abroad. Most notably, WorldBed has concentrated its efforts on survivors of the Haiti earthquake in 2010, the Japan earthquake in 2011, and most recently the tornadoes that ravaged the state of Oklahoma earlier this year.

WorldBed is also currently partnering with another nonprofit organization, World Vision, to provide beds to orphanages, medical clinics, and rural areas throughout Africa where women and children have high rates of mortality. The initiative is called “Project Beds for Africa.”

To help them achieve their mission and continue to provide this overlooked form of disaster relief, WorldBed is always in search of sponsors and donors. You can help WorldBed by donating your old furniture and mattresses or giving financially. We may not think of sleep as a priority in times of disaster, but it is one of the most important factors in helping to keep survivors and relief workers going.

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