Your 3 App-Enabled Lights Need Names

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Lighting in the bedroom is important (and we’re not talking about your disco ball). You may have fiddled with lamps and tested different window shades, only to find that it’s not easy to get a level of serenity that sends you off to dreamland. However, a new invention from Philips sold through Apple could make setting the perfect bedroom lighting easier and kind of fun.

Philips calls Hue the world’s smartest light bulb. It is a web-enabled LED home lighting system that allows consumers to control and play with the lights in their home through the use of an app on their smartphone or tablet. Think of it as bringing personal wireless lighting into your home.

It is very easy to use. The Hue starter kit comes with three bulbs and one wireless bridge (remember, you’ll need wi-fi as well). The bulbs replace existing lights and you plug the bridge into your home router. Press a button on the bridge and it automatically identifies the three lights. Using the app on your smartphone or tablet, you can rename the lights — something like Huey, Louie, and Dewey.  Or if you know the actual names of the Three Musketeers, go with that. After you’ve picked out names for you new lights, open the app and you can change the intensity of the color by simply sliding a bar.

The app also comes with twelve preset theme options such as sunset, deep sea, hammock, and the ever soothing beach mood. When you choose your preferred option, the three lights take on colors from that scene. The best part is that you can customize your own lighting theme (we know you’re thinking disco ball). Create a sleep theme that includes gold or reddish tones (of course no blue) that will help doze you off. You can also set on and off times, so your sleep setting can go on at bedtime and off when you wake up in the morning. Cool, huh?

Creating the perfect sleep lighting has never been so easy or so technologically advanced. The new Phillips Hue can help you control lighting and color, both of which  are important for getting good rest.

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